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Everbright Electronics (Ningbo) Group Co., Ltd. established in 2001 and lacated in Ningbo Science & Technology area,is the sole corporation of Everbright Electronics (Hong Kong) Co,.Ltd. It was registered capital of 5,250,000 U.S. dollars and total investment of 11,000,000 U.S. dollars. As a coperation based on science and technology, Everbright focus on research, manufacture and marketing for LED driver and LED lights. We successively introduced LED products into commercial and residential Lighting indoor and outdoor lighting, police mobile lighting, marine working lighting, specially lead the most advanced technology of road lighting in China.

Everbright has formed a complete technical innovation system and successfully pass the TUV/ISO/TS16949 Systems certification, Besides, it has found the " Engineering and technology Center of Ningbo National High-tech Zone", ""The Secondary Engineering and technology Center ", and to conduct in-depth research and exploration on the basic theory and advanced technology for xenon lamps and ballast as to an international leading level, that it was rated as high-tech enterprise in Ningbo City.It introduced the updated technique and equipments from Germany together with the advantages of high automatization and high accuracy.Everbright now holds the streamline of production both LED lights and drivers, that optimize fully on the product quality performance. And it holds the annual production capacity of 2,000,000 pieces of LED lights and drivers and 2,000,000kits. The company strategy of marketing and sales is competitive price with quality products, and mutual benefits belief. Our products ware enjoyed popularity in the world wide market, that is because the continues progress on product technology, process, equipment assets as well as the human recourse. Culture-building is also another important Measures, the company set up a reading room, electronic reading room, a rich activities, trainings for employees, that improve the working abilities and make all employees feel like at home.The company's mission is to provide quality products with favorable prices, to create win-win industry value chain, to create career projects for employees, to seek higher incomes as to create long-term and affectivity of social value in energy-saving lighting projects.




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